Long Sleeve Ribbed Crewneck Bodysuit | Chocolate - nuuds

Long Sleeve Ribbed Crewneck Bodysuit


Our classic crewneck bodysuit, but ribbed! Allow this piece to comfortably hug your figure without accentuating any problem areas. Naturally stretchy, surprisingly durable, and the opposite of clingy.

CORE: Chocolate

Reasons to love our fabric

Ideal Thickness

Thick enough to be nuud underneath. Warm, but not too hot. This solid rib cotton spandex is stretchy but retains it’s shape like no other rib out there.

Compressive, Not Clingy

Highlights and smooths! No need to worry about this durable fabric clinging to any problem areas.

Ultimate Versatility

This structured yet comfortable fabric moves with you from day to night, allowing you to stay nuud all day long.